Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seen on the streets of Portland: Ford Pickup Truck

Anyone know the year of this beauty? I'm guessing some time in the 1950s.
I fooled with the color at Picnik, trying to get it to look a bit like a vintage postcard. Then I put the frame around it. Had fun. Hope you enjoy the photo that I took on SE Morrison on March 20, 2010.


Marie said...

The result is great. I love the contrast between the color of the truck (we would call it "bleu layette", that is something like "baby clothes blue") and that of the building. I had never heard of picnik!

Jim Klenke said...

I think it looks vintage, very nice.

Is its Found On Road Dead, or First On Race Day?

Don and Krise said...

1958 or 59 I believe. At one time considered ugly. Now, a classic.

Eric Davidson said...

You did an awesome job "vintagizing" it. Color is fanstastico.