Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vacation, Day 9, 10/29/2009, Part 5

You can easily see why this house grabbed my attention as we drove back from Talladega to the campground.

Lovely scenic fence--I wonder what it encloses?

From Tuesday through Monday, we're local!

On the way back to Talladega so that Ian and Kay could play golf and I could ride along on the golf cart and take photos, I spied this abandoned barn.

We had a stop to make first, to get the best available pumpkin so that Ian could carve it for Halloween.


Jim Klenke said...

I like that barn. I have had my eye on an abandoned barn around here for while now, just need to stop and get a picture.

WendyB said...

I had a brief moment of thinking you were carving a pumpkin in April. I was like, "Wow, she really gets ahead on her to-do list."

Don and Krise said...

That is an interesting house. Was it occcupied?