Thursday, October 22, 2009

Three Doors Down Cafe, A Fine Food and Drink Series, No. 5

Chicken liver pate with grilled foccacia, a pungent, smooth appetizer that matches perfectly the crispy foccacia.

Linguini with slowly simmered beef and pork sugo. Here's another truly wonderful comfort food that amazes me. Flavor, texture, taste--it's got it all going on. I immediately thought about how some children always want spaghetti, but if one were to come to 3DD, the parents could order this instead. I believe the child would be satisfied with the taste and enjoy trying to wrap the linguini around a fork.

Seems like I shared my appetizer with Kailey, and I had some of my sugo boxed up for the next day. That left room for dessert and wine. Here's the red wine--Notios, Peloponnisos Regional Wine, Red Dry Wine. Perfect accompaniment to my dessert.

Bocca Negra, my favorite chocolate dessert in Portland!


Don and Krise said...

You really do get to sample some wonderful food (and drink) there don't you. I'm surprised you haven't had them just add a room for you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

My daughter made some gingerbread to eat with dinner and with dream whip it was so good. That last picture sort of reminded me of the ginerbread.

AmyR said...

Wow, I've just been drooling over these photos and descriptions...

Gunn White said...

I suddenly got very hungry!
Nice shots!