Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lamont and the Slackline and today's dahlia, with a visitor

Please scroll down for today's dahlia, TG 10, from the Canby Dahlia Trial Test Garden, sponsored by The Portland Dahlia Society and The American Dahlia Society, in co-operation with Swan Island Dahlias, maintained in honor of Nick Gitts, Sr. Dahlias on trial--not for sale.

Lamont jumped onto the slackline and stayed for a few seconds, trying to maintain his balance for all he was worth.




TG 10 and a bee!


Don and Krise said...

Was that Lamont's line, and is this something he practices? Sorry if I'm confused, I live much of my life like this. ;-)

Neva said...

I give him credit for dong that!! I can just imagine how that looked in real life and I have a smile on my face!!!