Sunday, February 15, 2009

Seen on the streets of Portland, No. 7

The first time I saw little kids' bikes all piled up and chained together was on our first visit to Portland, the summer of 2004. Already struck by the city and the individuality of its citizens, I stood stunned, looking at the bikes, wondering if they represented some sort of sculpture.

Now years later, I know the truth, and on Valentine's Day, I'm passing it along to you. Not that I exactly condone what the Zoobombers do. I might feel differently if I were young and had never given birth--there's a pell-mell, helter-skelter danger about it that frightens the mother in me. It's just that I thrive on the creativity of it. That creativity is one of the many, many reasons that I love Portland, Oregon.

The Red Light Cothing Exchange is another reason. It's not so much that I've found anything that fits there, it's just that I thoroughly enjoy looking. And Portland has loads of second-hand shops, vintage shops, thrift stores and the best Goodwills I've ever experienced. Those are another reason I love Portland.

Not to mention it is the home of my darling sons, my mother and my dog.

Here are several links for you to check out. You'll find out all about Zoobomb and the Zoobombers:

Zoobomb on GlobeTrekker

Zoobomb helmet cam video




Neva said...

ok...the mother in me is FREAKING out thinking about this...but I am guessing it is quite fun for the participants. I never said parenting was easy! go here and see why I think that.....

Jim said...

thats something I would have done......ok not. You know Kyle will win the 500 today, I hope #88 can at least finish the race.

Nancy said...

I did skateboarding as a youngster and also would go helter skelter down a mountain on skis. My how we change!

Jim said...

This comment was deleted by me, cause it wasnt nice, LOL.

Hyde DP said...

well we learn something new each day - redlight had me thinking initially of something totally different - the store sounds great - zoobombing is something else.

AVCr8teur said...

I guess when you're young, you feel immortal and doing dangerous things are exciting. Are those confiscated Zoobomb bikes or just an interesting sculture of old bikes?

George Townboy said...

That's me!! A 'new' vintage item, lol.