Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fabulous look.

It was Valentine's Day, and I'd finished my first PCPA tour guide training. I walked to Pioneer Courthouse Square to catch a MAX train to a bus stop where I could catch the 15 for home. Naturally, I had my camera with me. And am I glad--look at these shoes! They caught my eye first, then the outfit's colors, and then the outfit itself. So, I'm thrilled that I got the entire cool girl in this photo. Thrilled.
I'm thinking she's talking to her Valentine on the cell phone. What do you think?

P. S. Here's my stuff at my bud Casey’s creative blog, seconds and decades. Please take a look at the 10 things I selected. It was difficult to narrow it down to 10, as I’m sure you can guess! She came over Saturday afternoon for a visit and to take the photos. I’ll also provide a link when she does Mama’s stuff.


WendyB said...

Now you're a streetstyle photographer! Cool!

Jacob said...


Nancy said...

Isn't she adorable. I love the way she is dressed - a free spirit indeed.

Best to you-