Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Friendly chicken dinner lady at Schreiner's Iris Gardens, Memorial Day, 2014


The lady to her right pointed me out and she smiled and waved and couldn't believe that I'd actually taken her photo until I showed it to her. Yep, she's a friendly chicken dinner lady--I've noticed her each of the three years I've gone to Schreiner's on Memorial Day, the day that you not only get to see the flowers, you get to eat some really cook cooking by the Gervais Knights of Columbus.


There she is in action, right before the lady to her right noticed I stood nearby, my camera pointed their way.


The menu, complete with descriptions and prices, posted on a sawhorse.


Here's a photo of the booth with just a few of the people in line who showed up to buy themselves a chicken dinner that was more what I'd call grilled than B-Q which I assume is barbecue. The woman in line in front of me came with a large, foil-lined cardboard box lid. She bought seven halves, nothing else. Last year I bought myself a half right before I got in my Zipcar to drive home.


And here's my chicken dinner, from 2013. When I went a week ago Monday, I was too hungry to even thinking about a photo.


Andy said...

Another fun event that I missed. Your photo of the "chicken dinner lady" waving and smiling made up for it. Thank you.

William Kendall said...

It looks delicious!

Randy said...

I love that first shot and the dinner looks really tasty.