Thursday, June 26, 2014

2014 Festival of Flowers, No. 5


Not sure why it surprised me, but it did. This man led his rather large German Shepherd right through the potted flowers--to have paid attention to the maze that the flowers designed would have added, what, seconds to his walk. I shouldn't have been shocked because people will do just about anything, anywhere. However, I was so shocked that I missed the photo of them entering and going through the flowers. Couldn't get my finger on the button quick enough. Found out that having my mouth hanging open wreaks havoc on my coordination. Thankfully, the man and the dog seemed to have been coordinated because I didn't see flowers being knocked over. Maybe they managed to walk along the strip cleared for the sprinkler hose. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photo!


William Kendall said...

Well, that rates as taking liberties!

Randy said...

The pup wants to stop and smell the flowers too.

Melissa said...

My dog would trample them for sure. This looks like a fun and very pretty event! I will have to be on the lookout for it next year!