Sunday, February 9, 2014

Icy sidewalks have kept me from taking a walk today, so far.

I stood at the edge of the side entrance to my building and took these two photos. Looking west on the left, looking east on the right. I combined them into a collage at PicMonkey.

Here's an emergency alert that arrived on my iPhone three hours ago: Portland strongly urges all residents to stay indoors today & not travel due to ice. I think that is a great idea after realizing that my big ol' self didn't cause a dent in the ice-covered snow on my sidewalk. However, it it gets above freezing, I may put on my polka dot rubber boots with the YakTrax attached and go out to take a few photos. We'll see. Now I'm going to post this and take a nap in the recliner.


VP said...

I see you are used to this and quite well equipped!

William Kendall said...

It makes it seem like the Flatiron building when you collage it like this.

I would have suggested the yaktrax. My mother used it for the last few years of her life, and she liked them.

I saw someone here a week or two ago running through the snow with yaktrax fitted to his boots.

Randy said...

Nice collage effect. Stay warm, well at least until tomorrow when you have to go out.