Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First visit to Disneyland! Day One, Post No. 16

On our way along Main Street USA as we headed to the bus stop, a well-lit window called my name at the Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen. Well, to tell the truth, the peanut brittle hollered, "Lynette!" That stuff was perfect--not too sweet, every single nut tasted fresh, and every bite scored at the tip-top of the brittle score. Nearby, a well-lit souvenir store, complete with three huge crystal chandeliers. See, the store is well-lit in this wide shot. Look, Superman's shopping! We're almost to the Disneyland Railroad depot when I notice these lighted balloons. I like the Mickey Mouse ears hat walking by. See it? I love buildings outlined in white lights! The depot looks especially great! On the way to the bus stop. I took this photo at 9:32 p.m. on January 17. Tired but ready to get a good night's sleep and come back the next day! Gotta make good use of the bus pass and the Disneyland four day hopper! I took this photo on January 17 at 11:03 a.m., so we were out and about for 10 and a half hours! Wow! And I just read online that the streets at Disneyland are paved with resilient asphalt to prevent aching feet. Hmmmm. Maybe that's why my ol' self made it there that long on my first day at Disneyland. That and the numerous places I found to sit for a spell.


William Kendall said...

Supes has let himself go!

Peanut brittle... it's been a long while since I've had that.

Randy said...

A trip to Disneyland is not complete without a trip to the Candy Palace!