Friday, February 21, 2014

First visit to Disneyland! Day One, Post No. 12

The Princess on the float for The Princess and the Frog. I am not familiar with this Disney Princess. Do you know anything about her or the frog that you can share with use, please and thank you? The dress must be something that is reinforced for support so that she is secured at all times on the float--at best, it looks a bit uncomfortable to me. Atop the float for the Princess and the Frog, an entertaining couple. I know not the identity of the lady or the man.


William Kendall said...

The Princess And The Frog, it's one of the more recent Disney films. Not one that I've seen.

You capture her well!

Randy said...

I still haven't seen that movie.

Cath H.C Photographie said...

Magnifiques photos !!
Très bon week-end à toi !