Saturday, July 28, 2012

Taylor Ct. Grocery, serving Portland's Montavilla neighborhood for 90 years!


Architectural Heritage Center neighborhood walking tour guide Leland, in the daffodil yellow shirt, leads tour participants to the corner-facing door. He'd explained that this local business fills a large need in the neighborhood which doesn't have a nearby grocery store.

Errol, one of the current owners, has been there for 16 years. I read in someone's recent review on Yelp that it's 15 years, but I think he told us 16--must have had an anniversary in the intervening months. Anyway, the pleasant interior reflected Errol's personality.

From that April 1, 2012, Yelp review:

This is hands down the cleanest, most organized mini market I have ever seen. They feature an incredibly diverse selection of foods, an impressive selection of beer and wine, and an assortment of handy things you hope to find at a neighborhood convenience store.

Errol told me they have owned it for 15 years, and it has been in business for 90. Wow! So thrilled to have discovered this gem within walking distance of my place.

And here's one labeled "updated - 8/16/2012":

What the hell?! Was I on crack when I rated this place before? 4 stars? Really? Huh. Let's see, how often do you find a neighborhood store that has:
1. A walk in cooler full of a great selection of microbrews,
2. Vita Coco water in both individual-size and large jugs,
3. Kettle Chips
4. Vegan and vegetarian frozen options like boca, Morningstar, etc,
5. Emerald Valley Salsa,
6. A decent wine selection,
7. A wide array of foods from both large and small brands, and
8. Friendly service...

...? Seriously, it's not often. And for a diamond in the rough, there's no more deserved rating than a full 5 stars.

Every time we roll in to Taylor Ct Grocery thinking "oh, they won't have this," or "no way will they have that," we're constantly surprised to be proven wrong again and again. They don't have absolutely everything, but it's miles ahead of even your average Safeway when it comes to local brews and similar.

4 stars...

*shakes head slowly*

Well at least I got it right this time.


Birdman said...

What a gem! Mom and Pop Live!

Melissa said...

What a great little neighborhood shop. Love the doorway! And I bet that after 90 years they know just what to stock!

Lois said...

Nice! My grandparents ran a store like this when I was growing up.

Jack said...

Your photos today are good and the details about the little store are superb.

Randy said...

That's a cute store.

Lowell said...

Amazing! It's so sad that so many of these stores have fallen to the onslaught of the big box stores which have about as much humanity as a garden slug.