Monday, July 2, 2012

Bike rack - a recent addition to apartment building's basement


I don't ride a bike, but I am proud to see this for those that do. And I have a vested interest in the fact that this many bike-riders live here.

On the smallest scale, that many bike-riders in the building means all the more possibility of there being a parking space available when I unload purchases from the occasional Zipcar.

On the largest scale, that many bike-riders in the building can be ex·trap·o·lated across Portland as taking a great big bite outta our carbon footprint. (I do my part by riding mass transit and walking and not owning an automobile. And every once in a while, since I live in such a flat neighborhood, I wish for an ol'-lady-sized tricycle.)

I pray for street safety and for observant-of-traffic-law-and-each-other bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians.


Paul in Powell River said...

That's a good thing! I have a no-parking-space problem for my bike also, at my condo, but alas, no basement to convert.

Jack said...

That is an impressive bike array.

Randy said...

Now that is awesome. Wonderful shot.

Anonymous said...

Wow, love that... the shadows are great!

Janel B said...

Any idea what wall bike rack mounts they use in this photo?

Lynette said...

I have no idea what the bike rack mounts are. Sorry.