Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Slice of life, seen on the street, downtown Portland, January 25, 2012

I've had a terrible cold, felt awful for over a week, and now almost another week later I'm beginning to feel more like I want to feel, like I need to feel. Thank goodness. So, here we go.

When I got on the bus after work, I wished I was on the 4 instead of the 14 because the 4 would mean a shorter walk to my second bus once I had crossed the river to the downtown Transit Mall. The sneezing and strange feeling which turned into a full-fledged cold by Friday morning had started mid-day, and I had little energy left to expend. However, a short-lived rejuvenation struck when I began my longer walk to the next bus because I looked diagonally across SW 6th Avenue and saw the two mounted police and their horses standing in front of the Subway. I walked to a spot out of the wind, set down my backpack on the sidewalk, and got out my camera, the zoom lens still attached from the Blazers' game the night before.

Got myself a fine slice of life photo, the black horse tethered to the lamp post, the tan horse tethered to the bicycle post, the officers dining al fresco. That's a woman on the right, by the way. I could tell that she was a woman before I even took the photo--stance is a dead give away, isn't it? But I certainly didn't notice the unusual color combination on the tan horse until I had downloaded the photo.


Juliet in MN said...

Very interesting photo; kind of surreal because the darker horse doesn't look real. And the blues! My idea of indigo blue - a blue-black, though I don't think that's the correct definition. I really like this photo! With just the horses, more like a painting.

Karen Franklin said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well - I was missing your pics. Hope you get up to snuff soon.

The unusual color on the brown horse is due to a partial body clip. Basically, the lighter color is where they shaved off his heavier winter coat, in order to keep help him cool down. They left the coat normal length over the rest of his body to keep him warm where he needs it and also to protect his skin where the saddle is. I think the 'blanket' hanging in front of the saddle on both horses is to keep the rider's legs warm.

parker said...

I had a feeling you might have been under the weather. Colds! One of the hazards of winter!
What an unusual colored horse. A great capture!

Abraham Lincoln said...

I guess they are cheaper than automobiles. Though the crooks might get away.

WendyB said...

Glad you're feeling better!

Randy said...

Great photo. I was worried about you. So happy to hear that your feeling better.