Wednesday, February 22, 2012

B after B after B, Saturday a week ago. Killer Burger on NE Sandy Boulevard at NE 47th

Barq's Root Beer, one fine fountain drink.

Basketball, NCAA basketball, on the TV at the back of the room, sound turned off. Blues blaring, down home blues blaring from the restaurant's speakers. As I ordered at the counter, I mentioned to the young woman taking my order, "Blues, basketball, and burgers. It doesn't get any better." She chuckled and agreed.

Bun, burger, bacon. I forgot to ask that there be no cheese on my Classic Burger, so I ate it--I'm OK if I only eat cheese once in a blue moon. I have two B words for the fries--bountiful and best.

Bites. Burger on bun with bacon going bye-bye, along with cheese, lettuce, tomato and grilled onions. I did remember to ask that there be no Smokey House Sauce and pickle on my Classic Burger.

Busy, busy at the building which houses Killer Burger on the southwest corner of the intersection.

Bus home, the 12 Barbur/Sandy. I left with a bellyful of Bs.


Jack said...

A nice series today. I would say something funny starting with Bs, but I am having a block.

Medford Photographer said...

That bacon cheeseburger looks so good right now!