Monday, March 29, 2010

Important Historic Preservation and the Portland Plan: deadline to participate as a citizen, March 31!

News from the Architectural Heritage Center about The Portland Plan TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Deadline March 31st.
All residents interested in the future of our city and our communities should complete the online survey from the city. The survey can be found here. Click on the Have Your Say in the black banner at the top of the page.

Please let the City know that you care about our historic neighborhoods. Historic preservation is NOT one of the distinct nine action areas.

This is what the city has to say about the Portland Plan: The Portland Plan will be our City’s strategic plan for the next 25 years, ensuring that Portland is a thriving and sustainable city and our people are prosperous, healthy and educated. Developed by the City of Portland and partner agencies throughout the city, the Portland Plan will build on our progress and address the community's needs, like our health and safety, local food and access to affordable housing and quality education – things Portlanders care about that affect our daily lives.

This is the AHC building at 701 SE Grand Avenue, hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
From the Web page: The Architectural Heritage Center is a non-profit resource center for historic preservation, located in Portland, Oregon. Owned and operated by the Bosco-Milligan Foundation, The AHC hosts dozens of programs, workshops, and exhibits each year, helping people APPRECIATE, RESTORE, and MAINTAIN vintage homes, buildings, and neighborhoods. We are also caretakers of one of the largest collections of architectural artifacts in the United States.

The Architectural Heritage Center mounts rotating gallery exhibits drawn from the Bosco-Milligan Foundation’s renowned collection of architectural artifacts, one of the largest in the United States. In the Meyer Memorial Trust Gallery now, the show Artifacts and Archives. Members: Free General Public: $5

Here are some photos I took at the exhibit.
The label about this said: Rice Construction - P.A. Carlander Sign: In the early 20th Century, the Rice Construction Co. and P.A. Carlander were speculative home builders in Portland's Irvington Neighborhood. Many of their homes were built from plans readily available in publications like "The Craftsman." This sign was found underneath the porch of an Irvington home and donated to the Bosco-Milligan Foundation in 2008.

A photo that I took of a photo. See the next photo and text for an explanation of why the photo is in the exhibit. By the way, I would have loved being able to see this house in person and to go inside for a tour.

The label about this said: Wood Porch Column - Marcus Delahunt House, 1894. You can see from the photo above this one that six of these ringed the rounded porch on the massive-looking house.

Another view of the same house--I think it must be the front door. One edge of the rounded porch is visible on the left of the door, along with one of the porch columns.

The label about this said: Wood Exterior Ornament - Marcus Delahunt House, 1894.

The label about this said: Wood Finial, Marcus Delahunt House, 1894. To the left of it, you can see the other two items, the ornament and the porch column, plus there on the wall are the two pictures that I had photographed.

Come back in a couple of days for more photos from Artifacts and Archives.


Jim Klenke said...

very cool houses. Brian and I want to take a Terrell Citizens Police class they offer. The last class was to start in Feb., but only 6 people signed up. Not enough to hold the class. Most people want to complain about the police and city services, but want to do little to do anything about it or learn about it.

Anonymous said...

I always loved this house. It was on the corner of NE 15th and Tillamook. I would past it on the way to school and back. I remember it being more yellowish. Probably the paint just turning in the sun. There were a few other big houses like this in the area but this was always the grandest. Rivaling the ones in NW Portland along 20th and 22nd avenues.