Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Popularly known as The Car Wash

Untitled fountain SW 5th and Ankeny

This tubular fountain designed by Carter, Hull, Nishita, McCulley and Baxter was installed in 1977. A wind gauge shuts off its water on gusty days to prevent hazards for motorists.

Not to mention the pedestrians. I get to walk by this fountain every weekday morning when I change from the 17 to the 4 bus. And, yes, I have seen no water spraying on windy days.

It was turned completely off for a little over two years while the bus mall was being revamped--lots of construction to make the mall better and to add another light rail line.

When the mall re-opened and bus lines returned to SW 5th and SW 6th, the fountain came back to life.




Warren said...

Cool fountain! Car Wash indeed

Don and Krise said...

Somehow we missed this when we were there. I'll definitely look for it next time.

Hyde DP said...

O what a fascinating fountain

Photo Cache said...

Pretty neat fountain.

Julie said...

Thanks for your nice article.

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