Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our short Ester Lee interlude, there on Monday and heading home

A product of the USA.

Breakfast Monday morning, along with toast.

Mama's half, still juicy.

But not for long.

Mama's dressed and raring to go. We'd decided to head to the Chinook Winds Casino for a few hours of the penny machines. Doesn't she look great?

Not before I took a few morning photos of the grand Pacific.



Then we went to the casino and played for an hour before Mama began to feel bad. Look at the post for Saturday, July 4, for the details. Since the ER doctor wanted her to head home in an ambulance with lights and siren, I had to drive back alone. Well, it was just me and Duncan in Buick. In order to relieve that highway hypnosis that goes with a lengthy drive, I turned off twice at shopping centers for some stop-and-go, turn left, turn right driving.

At the second one, in Sherwood, Oregon, I came across this beautiful sight, glimpsed at a car wash that turned out to be behind a garage.

My joy at getting the chance to take the photo jolted me really good. I made it on home just fine and went from there for the next two days, as you can read on the July 4th post.


Jim K said...

Mama does look great. I am waiting to see her picture standing next to one of the slots holding a big check!

WendyB said...

Ha ha ha! I love watermelon and even more than that, I love photos of Mama attacking watermelon.

AVCr8teur said...

I hope Mama is feeling better. That is one juicy watermelon. Oregon sure has a beautiful landscape.

Julie said...

I love water melon very much....

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