Monday, April 27, 2009

Our edible bounty from the Portland Farmers Market

I couldn't resist four different pepper jellies from the Rose City Pepperheads.
Double Dare is listed as Wicked--whew, it's blastin' hot! Smokin' Margarita is listed as Wild, and it's pretty hot, too. I like both of them a whole lot, let me tell you.
Mango Madness and Apricot w/Attitude are listed as Mild--they're more sweet than hot and taste great. Mama might even like them.
Here's some info about the pepper jellies that I bought.
Habanero peppers have 300,000 Scoville Units! According to the label. Habaneros and the manzana peppers (100,000 Scoville units) are in Double Dare! Smokin' Margarita has habaneros in it, too. So does Apricot w/Attitude. And on the label for Mango Madness mango peppers are listed.

Juicy tomatoes.

Crisp carrots and onions. I steamed four of them to have with our supper leftovers--meat loaf, sauteed sweet onion, zucchini and yellow squash, mashed potatoes and asparagus.

Fresh asparagus and leafy greens.

Sweet pears and apples.

Delicious delicacies from Market Gourmet.
A peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. I got this for me, but I gave Mama a taste.
I can't remember the exact name, an apple creme something. I got it for Mama who throughly enjoyed it. I got a taste of it.
The little black dress brownie--wow! We're sharing this one and the next one, too.
A perfect slice of almond cake. You ought to smell it, much less taste it!
The best quiche I've ever eaten! Spinach and artichoke.

Sorry, I didn't want to untape the package for the photo. Use your vivid imagination once you've read the ingredients. Suffice it to say that I ate a very small portion of it Sunday for lunch, along with Smokin' Margarita and Apricot w/Attitude pepper jellies, part of an organic Golden Delicious apple from Fred Meyer--Mama and I had already eaten a Braeburn Saturday afternoon and a Bosc pear, too--and some yellow corn chips that I used with the pepper jellies, spreading it liberally across the chips. No photos. I couldn't be distracted too much from Talladega, too much going on!

My Saturday lunch. I believe I've been to heaven right here in our kitchen!
I steamed some of the asparagus. That's one of those small tomatoes in the bowl on top of some of the leafy greens. I really don't know which ones I ate, but I do know they were really good. Of course, for some purists I may have made a monumental mistake--ranch dressing. I like it! What can I say? Oh, I chopped up two of those little onions, too. Oh, I told Lamont that I'd eaten some kale and wondered why the stems were so tough, that I'd seen a woman demonstrating how to get it off the stems earlier Sunday morning so that made me realize what I'd done wrong. He asked, "You ate it raw?" I replied, "Yes. I didn't think I was supposed to cook anything that I had in the bag because I thought the sign at the booth said salad." It was baby kale, not great big leaves, not nearly as big as the one the lady stripped on TV.




Don and Krise said...

Wonderful site and your photos are so crisp. You're making us hungry just looking at all that fresh food.

Anonymous said...

Holy Toledo! Everything looks so good to eat. What a feast for the eyes.

Jim said...

Everything looks so good. But I would love the try to double dare jelly.

Meead said...

Wow! Your photos make me hungry!