Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another sign of spring

Outside my window at work, for the first year, I'm seeing crows in the sweet gum trees. This one in particular found a twig to grab with its beak. Surely it must be building a nest somewhere.

The film on the window made the photos not a clear as they'd have been otherwise, but the film on the window helped me get these photos--the crow didn't get startled and fly away.

Could I look this graceful while holding something in my mouth, balanced three stories up from the sidewalk? No way!

Here's the first one I took. It appears the crow has peeled the outer layer of bark from the twig, there on both sides of the beak.


The crow amazed me, standing there holding the twig, sort of looking around, then turning.

Then it moved a bit to the left.

Still moving, it went closer to the center of the tree.

And then it bent over and put the twig beneath on of its feet!

See? There it is, being held with the crow's right foot!

I couldn't believe it. The crow took the twig back into is beak!



It worked hard to get where it wanted to go, twig in mouth, feathers spread for balance. What tenacity!

Here's the last photo in the series. I think the crow looks jubilant.

A plus for you, at least I hope you think so, is this photo of four crows I saw on April 2. I wonder who's Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister?

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Anonymous said...

You saw my crow photos too. And I have enjoyed your crow photos as well. I knew crows will actually play with things but seldom get to see that photographed as well as you have. Your talent is special.