Thursday, April 9, 2009

Academy Theater--Dine Out for the Architectural Heritage Center


A few weeks ago Marsha and I had a blast, eating Flying Pie pizza and drinking a beer (Marsha) and a glass of wine (me), plus some Raisinettes at the Academy Theater, 7818 SE Stark Street. We decided to go see "Milk," which turned out to be a brilliant decision--what a splendid movie and acting effort by Sean Penn. So, we had a great time and part of the money we spent on our food and drink went to the Architectural Heritage Center.

Here's a photo of the concession stand.

And the popcorn maker. Somehow, I still don't understand why, I didn't buy any popcorn!

This was our second time to "Dine Out for the AHC." The first was back on Mama's birthday, Jan. 23, 2007, at Sckavone's Restaurant, 4100 SE Division. From the AHC Web site: This renovated neighborhood landmark retains much of the historical charm of the pharmacy, with original tile floor, antique fountain back bar, and 1950s style counter. They offer “classic American and comfort food” for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sckavone's will donate 50% of the proceeds to the AHC. Owner Jon Finley is the grandson of pharmacist Nick Sckavone who operated his Ever-Ready Drugstore here from 1934 to 1975.

Marsha grew up going to Sckavone's when it was the drugstore!

Here's some info on the Academy from their Web site:
Originally launched in 1948, the Academy Theater was a popular Montavilla destination until its closure in the 1970s. Over the following years, it fell into disrepair, but a full-scale renovation has recently been completed, including careful restoration of the glittering rounded lobby with its soaring, metallic two-story dome. Great attention was paid to every detail of the project. Using vintage photos from the original opening night, even the theater's signature marquee has been recreated to imbue the building with authentic 1940s charm.

Look, it's the original water fountain from when the theater opened April 30, 1948!

Sorry about the glare on the plaque that details the water fountain. I had to use the flash to get a decent shot.

The marquee looks splendid from both directions.


Jacob said...

These are all fine photos, but the first one stands out dramatically - a wonderful night shot. So sharp and colorful!

gogouci said...

WOW!!! Awesome pic of the marquee. You don't see too many of these anymore.

AVCr8teur said...

The water fountain is neat. The popcorn and drinks at the movies these days are expensive.

brian said...

i really love the first and last photos of the marquee, so cool!