Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mother's Day Mini-Vacation, No. 20 - On the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway


Our waiter at the best-place-to-eat-weekend-breakfast-in-Bend-Oregon, Brother Jon's Public House, had told us that he'd heard the announcement--Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, open already--usually not before Memorial Day! The guys added this to our plan for Saturday, May 11, 2013.

Left to right, South Sister, Middle Sister, North Sister, and Broken Top. Outta sight swell and glorious!

Mt. Bachelor.

Snow piled up on the driver's side of the car! Amazing!

Around every curve for a while, snow! I haven't seen snow this deep since I rode the cog railway up to the top of Pike's Peak years ago. Of course, this is pile here by snow plows and that at the top of the mountain was plain ol' deep, probably deeper than this, but nevertheless, this snow impressed me. And I still had the window down on the car and could feel the chill in the air. Magnificent!

Saw these bicyclists. Could not believe how many folks we passed riding bicycles!

Look! Here's one now!

We stopped to take a look at a lake. As I paused for traffic so that I could cross the byway back to the car, here comes the same guy!

There's Leland in the driver's seat of Engine, our Zipcar Ford Escape. We pulled out from here and stopped at another lake. Lamont walked, carefully watching out for vehicles and bicycles.

Isn't this lake a beauty? I wish I knew the name of it. Alas, I saw no sign.

Close up of the snow and trees on the far side of the lake.


Small City Scenes said...

Very beautiful. Looks like the last time Bob and I drove over the North Cascades up our way. Nice!! Love it! MB

Julie(t) said...

All gorgeous, You were able to catch in a photo (rather miraculous) the height of the trees in Oregon.

Kate said...

Thanks for the tour. . .vaaried!

Barbara Farr said...

Very nice

Randy said...

These are wonderful. I can't believe there is still that much snow.

Peter said...

What a great series, love the scenery.

CaT said...

thats so pretty. and so much snow!