Friday, August 24, 2012

TriMet Early Morning Readers--a break from The Big Float


One of the neat things I've noticed over the years as I commute to and from work is the number of folks reading. Not just on their phones or readers, but also from newspapers and magazines. Most importantly, books from the Multnomah County Library!

The morning I sneaked this photo, I didn't get much of a focus on my iPhone. However, you can tell that the two people on each side of the photo are reading hardback books--notice the smudge of gray on the edges of the pages in the woman's book? That's the marking that says MULTNOMAH COUNTY LIBRARY. Take my word for it, the same marking is on the man's book. The fellow in the middle is reading one of the newsweeklies in Portland, the Willamette Week.

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Randy said...

Bus riding, there are perks.