Monday, August 27, 2012

Seen in conjunction with The Big Float, No. 4


All of a sudden, this Multnomah County Sheriff's Office boat took off to my left. I looked and saw a personal boat tootling along near the river wall, seemingly not paying any attention to how close it was getting to the dock for the Portland Spirit excursion boat which was approaching. I don't know if that person driving that personal boat had no peripheral vision or if his boat's motor was really loud, but he acted like he had no idea the large excursion boat was nearby and coming toward him. I also don't know if he was still able to be seen by the pilot of the Portland Spirit.

Here is a shot with all three boats in it. And a goose.

I'll bet the Portland Spirit pilot knows what's happening now.

Here it appears that the River Patrol deputy is talking with the people in the personal boat.

Sheriff's escort? Looks like it to me. I kept watching and the River Patrol boat broke off not long after I took this photo. The personal boat continued across the river and I soon looked elsewhere. Thanks to the quick action of the River Patrol boat, I didn't see a terrible wreck. And, no, I don't know if that is the same goose from that earlier photo.


Paul in Powell River said...

The people on the front of that good looking excursion boat appear oblivious ...

Ed Devereaux - Sabot Images said...

Never doubt the bravery (stupidity) of a goose.

Randy said...