Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sunshine and blue skies

union_station_man_sunglassesClose crop of a bit of serendipity--the man's sunglasses reflects the blue sky (see next photo). A bit more serendipity, how the reflected color matches the glowing hair around Jerry Garcia's head. And the last bit of serendipity--how that other man's head almost completely pops out of the guy's dreadlocks, as if he were a two-headed man, current on the right, future on the left. Love it!

You know, I could have taken the time to clone a few of those dreads to completely cover that older dude's shirt, making it look even more like we were looking at a two-headed man. But I decided to only crop and straighten. I'll leave cloningfor another day.

Here's the wide shot of our beautiful Union Station. I took this photo on July 14 as I approached to enjoy Union Pacific's 150th birthday event.


Melissa said...

It definitely reflects a mood that comes with this kind of weather! And he looks like he's just soaking it all in.

Randy said...

I like both shots. The first one makes me want to be outdoors and not stuck in my office.

Paul in Powell River said...

Union Station, right near the river if I recall correctly, and I certainly remember the spire.

Julie(t) said...

Oh I love the color of that guy's sunglasses!

Betsy said...

Gotta love all the sunshine! :)

Lowell said...

I remember the Union Station in Los Angeles in the 40s. This one is much nicer I think.

Thanks for the comment. It's funny how your mind can see something and read the wrong thing. Sure looked like ceramic...which would be heavy and hot! Glad to hear those costumes were not made of ceramic!