Friday, January 7, 2011

Delivery Series

A quickly stepping young man caught my eye as I walked back to the apartment Sunday morning after buying the Sunday paper. We both were walking which I suppose is why the photo's out of focus, but I still like it because it made me wonder, is he hurrying to deliver those flowers or is he hurrying because it's so doggone cold? I imagine that he's coming from Trader Joe's--the flowers there are always beautiful, fresh, and affordable. The store is over his left shoulder; he's walking west on NW Glisan.

He turned the corner onto NW 22nd Avenue, heading south towards W. Burnside. Look at what grabbed his attention! I've been noticing this deck/porch ever since we moved into the neighborhood in October, 2006.

Ah, his transportation of choice so that he can deliver the flowers. I'll bet the person who got them loved them and put them into water right away.

P. S. If you've ever wondered about bouldering, watch the video I posted yesterday.


Halcyon said...

That is some strange porch decoration. Flowers are always welcome, I think!

Jack said...

That porch has me a little creeped out. No. A lot creeped out.

My word verification is gucktali, which is exactly how I feel.

Anonymous said...

What a gentleman he hopefully is.

Please have a good weekend you all.

bfarr said...

I love to get flowers. That second shot is a hoot. An interesting person must live there.