Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SW Morrison, downtown Portland, all lit up for the holidays

People waiting to cross the SW 10th as the MAX to Beaverton Transit Center pulls to a stop on SW Morrison, across the street form the Galleria, one of Portland's downtown terra cotta facade buildings. I took this photo on December 16, looking east, not too long after the Zipcar Christmas party where I left an unwrapped toy and spun the wheel for driving time--won $10--hooray. I enjoyed a thorough chat with a nice young Zipcar man whose name escapes me, all about the various sizes of nearby vehicles and whether or not we might be able to fit Mama's wheelchair into them.

Looking the same direction as the next MAX train approaches. It's easy to see why this stretch is one of my favorite holiday sights in Portland.

The lights on the trees continue to the west for another block.

Interesting facts in a reverse timeline, about the Galleria:
About $7,000,000 was spent on improvements in 2003.
In 1976, the Galleria won "Award of Merit" award from the AIA, Portland Chapter.
In 1978, the Galleria won the "First Honor Award" from the Downtown Development Award.
The upper floors were converted from retail space to offices during the mid-1980s.
Initially opened as the Olds, Wortman and King Department Store.
Naito Properties acquired the completely vacant structure in 1972.
The structure sits on top of a full-block site.
The building has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places since February 20, 1991.
The local supervising architect was A. E. Doyle.
The third floor sky-bridge connects with the adjacent parking garage.
The Galleria was the first department store in the Northwest to take up an entire block.
It was erected in 1910. The interior was notable for a full interior atrium and grand staircase.


lewi14 said...

Wonderful Christmas decoration. I like it. And I'm glad too see a tram. I hope it is highly frequented.

I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Jack said...

It looks pretty, Lynette. I noticed a skywalk in the first photo. I hate those things. Hartford had numerous skywalks when I got here in 1980, but they found that skywalks speeded workers from parking garages to their offices without walking past the stores and restaurants. Bad idea. By now, almost all have been removed.

Halcyon said...

So pretty! I love Christmas lights. :)

Wilson said...

I've heard that the Galleria building is being considered for a Target Store.

Galleria used to be a fun shopping center / hangout place, but guess it's kind of fallen on hard times. Know I haven't been there in years.