Monday, December 27, 2010

Portlandia's pointing at the door of the Portland Building

Inside the door, to the left at the back of the lobby, there's an alcove where a city arts' organization hangs art each December. This year I was lucky enough to have one piece of mine hung there.

Here it is. "Highway 61 Bottle Blues," 1996, acrylic and found objects. If you open the little box, you read, "Get the juice. Get the blues." One of these days my plan is to have a space to spread out and create again. I've got a stash of paints, papers, frames, and egg cartons patiently waiting.


Julie said...

Very nice artwork there, lynette. Don't let 'that day' fade off further and further into the future. We all need our creative juices to flow.

Don't forget with you sculpture images, that there is a good chance February Thehe Day will be statues.

Jack said...

You're an artist, Lynette! Very nice.

Wilson said...

I always thought Portland had just tossed craps. Some artist should install a set of dice in the Standard Plaza across the street.

Randy said...

I love this piece of work.

dwteller said...

Would love to see more of your work in Mississippi. This piece is very nice. Diane Williams

Abraham Lincoln said...

Well, bless my soul. What a nice surprise. To come and see something original. Very well done too. I got a whole lotta stuff to get involved again and even got 6 big fat tubes of acrylics but so far nothing has come of it. I got to do something. The problem is I want to do so many things and never seem to start on one thing. lol