Friday, July 9, 2010

Cool off considerably at 3 Doors Down Cafe, SE 37th & Hawthorne

Every bite, every sip, a reward for having the sense to come in out of the heat at 3 Doors Down Cafe after work.

Cool, the appetizer vitello tonnato, a classic Italian dish of chilled braised veal breast resting on a bed of tuna sauce that includes capers, cornichons and aoili. The first three bites I ate without the lemon juice, savoring the flavors, then I decided to go for it, to drip lemon juice on a corner of the vitello tonnato. My gosh! Talk about accentuating perfection! That's what the lemon juice did to the veal--it actually made it taste even better. In no time flat I had dripped lemon juice all over it!

Chilled, the Perfect Manhattan--it looks gorgeous, doesn't it? It went very well with the vitello tonnato.

Cold and creamy, the housemade strawberry ice cream, two great big scoops with that crispy wafer in between them. Satisfaction.


Birdman said...

D-licious shots! I'm thirsty and hungry!

Jim Klenke said...

all three look wonderful.