Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When I left the KICK OFF event for the PDX Bridge Festival, my miniature art car "Icons on Parade" was still in one piece.

A little girl admires my miniature art car.

Everyone's inside--this is only part of the Olympic Mills Commerce Center which used to be a cereal mill. From the Internet: "The Olympic Mills Commerce Center, located in the close-in southeast riverfront area, joins other BEAM mixed use creative / office / flex-space developments - the Water Avenue Commerce Center and the Eastbank Commerce Center - in offering beautifully updated, affordable, historic rental spaces to a wide range of creative businesses."

Entertainment provided by the Amazin Jerkz--they danced on what I assume was the loading dock at one time. I stood on the street and tried to get some good shots.


Can you see the guy standing on his hands? The rest of them are certainly enjoying it!


I took this photo of these handsome, energetic and talented young men after their scheduled show, then I met a lady name Kay--I think that's her son is in the orange shirt.

A few minutes later on of their appreciative fans, a young man, asked me if I was having a good time, to which I replied, "Sure am." He danced around to the music that the DJ continued to blast from his set-up. I continued, "But I can't dance like you do." He said, "Aw," as I went on to say, "But I can do the Electric Slide," after which he implored me to teach him. I moved out into the edge of the dock area where the Amazin Jerkz had been dancing and proceeded to show him my ol' lady version of my favorite dance after the two-step which I don't ever get to do 'cause I don't have man! Anyway, I saw Kay go by and snagged her to dance with us, then in a few minutes we had folks watching us and smiling and another woman whose hair is grayer than mine joined in. What fun we had for about 15 minutes, until the Amazin Jerkz got to dancing again--see below a few more shots--I could use the rest!







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Clytie said...

What a wonderful time! And I am so proud of you for struttin' your stuff!!!

gogouci said...

Looks like another wonderful event in Portland.

By the way, the car shows I referred to are Stayton SummerFest (Sat) and Cruise-In at the Bomber in Milwaukie (Sun). Maybe I'll see you there.

Jim Klenke said...

you got some great action shots.

Jacob said...

This is a really fun series. And you caught the ambiance and action perfectly!