Saturday, August 15, 2009


Uncropped, just resized and sharpened at Picnick.

All day Friday I battled vertigo, not even sure if I could look at the computer to put Saturday's post up, scheduled for early Saturday.

Finally, after several doses of my decongestant allergy medicine and my tight, tight, tight motion sickness bracelets at my wrists for 13 hours, I could do it.

In my goofy mind all day, I had in mind this peaceful rose bud to share with you. I photographed it at City Hall, downtown Portland.

Like Mr. Abe Lincoln said, he who used to blog all over the place and is now only at the worthy and rewarding Pick a Peck of Pixels, there's something wonderful about the darkness and light of the Old Masters, so when I snapped this photo I thought, "Ah, maybe I've got an Old Masters' sort here."

How do you like this cropped version? Sharpened, resized, and cropped at Picnick, using the constraint "Golden Ratio," to see what would happen. I left the constraint just as it appeared on the photo, no stretching from the corners.


dyana said...

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Jilly said...

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