Monday, January 12, 2009

Car Parts: The Grill, as in I've grilled myself and will now tell the truth.

First, I know I said come back today and see the entire car. But, look what I've discovered! A different photo of the grill that shows beyond all doubt that my memory resembles a sieve, a strainer. Holes through and through. That's because when I posted on Saturday, I told a big one! When I looked at the photo and saw the red circle with the Indian chief in it, and a piece of chrome crossing in front of it, I thought, "Oh, I remember. The Pontiac was parked close up behind another car, and that chrome is part of that other car." Not true. See below for the truth. As for the why, I don't know why that piece of chrome bisects the red circle like it does. To me it detracts from the grill, but to others I'm sure it means design integrity and strength.



Sorry, I can't stop thinking about Saturday's post. When you think about it, just how could I have taken that straight-on full-frontal photo of the red circle with the Indian chief in it? With two cars parked bumper to bumper, where did I stand? I mean, you can see me reflected there, and, upon a closer look, it's evident that I'm not standing on the bumper of the not-really-there-car.

As promised, here's the whole car, the sum of its parts.

If I owned some sort of photo-manipulation-software, could I have erased the road warning sign, the white posts, and the curb, and then cloned the missing sections of the car? I wonder.


Anonymous said...

Those were some speedy cars in their day. We had a 1958 and it would fly. I see the sun visor and remember how popular they used to be -- that and plastic seat covers.

Jim Klenke said...

Nice car, that would be in a parade around here.

Neva said...

Yes, but if you had erased things it would not be such an interesting shot, would it?

AVCr8teur said...

They don't make cars that that anymore. The grill looks so menacing.