Friday, May 29, 2009

Seen on the streets of Portland, No. 11

Waiting for the bus in the sunshine, near SW 2nd and SW Taylor. I took this photo last Friday as I walked just past where she's standing to wait for the 18 and the ride home.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seen on the streets of Portland, No. 10

Last Saturday I'd almost made it to Kenny and Zuke's when I spied these three walkers. Since I've not yet become brave enough to ask if people will allow me to photograph them, I acted like I was photographing the #15 bus! Wait. Is that the clucking of chickens I hear in the background? Yep. But it's a good photo of the bus, don't you think?

They passed me, and I got this one, too. I like their casual style, just right for a Portland sunny day, complimented by cool breezes.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seen on the streets of Portland, No. 9

Here's another photo I took on Broadway, the afternoon of May 14. On my way to usher at the PCPA, I noticed these two-tone boots, on the lady on the left. The ladies stood beside the Heathman Hotel's doorman, resplendent in his Beefeater outfit. I wonder what they needed from him. Could you give us directions to 3 Doors Down Cafe? Did you notice my Chanel boots?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Seen on the streets of Portland, No. 8

After my tour guide duties Saturday, May 23, at the Antoinette Hatfield Hall, part of the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, I walked north on Broadway towards my eventual destination, Kenny and Zuke's where I planned to have a pastrami on chollah bread with a side of potato salad. Yummy. And I have to admit that since it was almost 2 p.m., hunger just about caused me to miss this neat photo!

Monday, May 25, 2009

For Memorial Day, in honor of our veterans and current armed services' members and their beloved families--thank you.

I took this photo last summer at a Zoo Concert. The bald eagle moved swiftly, instantaneously it seemed. I am surprised that I got a single photo, even a mostly blurred one.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

If we had a deck, balcony or patio, this hanging basket would belong to us.

I took this photo on Saturday, May 9, at the Portland Farmers Market. Petunias and what?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beautiful columbine at the Portland Farmers Market

I took this photo on Saturday, May 9, at the Portland Farmers Market.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beautiful blooms in a round concrete planter on the South Park Blocks

I took this photo on Saturday, May 9, on my way to the Portland Farmers Market. I like the way the early morning sun lights them--it was about 8:20 a.m. Pansies?

Monday, May 18, 2009

All of this colorful bloomin' beauty, on one lawn!

I took this photo in Southeast Portland on April 30, 2009.
From left-to-right, two azaleas, a pink dogwood, and wisteria.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Was I ever on my feet on Thursday!

We had an awards ceremony at work. I had been asked to be the hostess which means lots of pushing a cart with food, etc. on it, lots of standing up and moving tables and chairs, lots of standing up and setting food, etc. on tables, and then cleaning up and putting the room back like it was before we started. It went very well for everyone, and I had lots of help, both at the ceremony and with my usual job responsibilities.
After work I walked to the bus and rode west across the river to walk to a downtown sandwich shop where I ate a quick, light supper. Then I walked to the Antoinette Hatfield Hall for my scheduled volunteer usher shift.
Usually we volunteers get to take a seat once the house lights go down, but the patron turnout tonight took all of the seats, so I essentially stood up 95% of the time from 6:15 p.m. until headed home on the MAX about 9:20 p.m.

Not that I'm down or out, though. I'll be up and ready to go after a good night's sleep, courtesy of Portland's cool night breezes and an Aleve.

Oh, I took these photos at the nearby Urban Outfitter on NW 23rd and West Burnside. I thought they perfectly fit how my feet feel.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cast iron remnants, left alone. Why?

A while ago Marsha told me she had noticed some cast iron stored beneath the east end of the exit ramp of the Hawthorne Bridge. I decided to take some photos of them on the day that I went to the rally for our Portland Trail Blazers--that's the only time I've caught the bus at the base of the exit ramp. Both of us are curious about them and why they are there.




Maybe we can find out on Saturday when we go to a lecture on Portland's cast iron architecture at the Architectural Heritage Center. From their Web site: Portland’s Cast-Iron Building Heritage: Skidmore - Old Town. Skidmore - Old Town is where the city of Portland began. Designated a National Landmark Historic District by the National Parks Service in 1977 (the highest level of national heritage recognition) it is the only designated NHL district in the city. Come learn from architect, author and cast-iron expert Bill Hawkins in this special Members-Only lecture.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tango Berretin, Southeast Portland

I couldn't believe my luck! While driving the Buick, I saw these people wearing black, in sharp contrast to the brick-colored wall. Then the traffic light turned red! I got to take some photos! Later I looked on the web and found out that they must have been the surprise live music at Tango Berretin's special event, The Thing. Evidently it was break time. I couldn't find anything else except the schedule and that you can take tango lessons there. I'll bet everyone had a blast! I like these photos a lot.



A couple of wide views.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Mother's Day Dogwood Blossoms for Everyone

We took a ride in the Buick on Mother's Day afternoon, through some streets in Southeast Portland. One particular dogwood, among dozens, stood close enough to the sidewalk that I was able to pull over and take a few photos. I held a small branch still and took this photo blindly pointing the camera toward that blossom. I know it's not in focus on the blossom, but still I do like this photo. The green grass in the background makes the photo, I think.

I took this one looking up into the tree.

I wanted to share it with all of you. I know I'm late on Mother's Day, but nevertheless, I'm sending out my best wishes to you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Exciting News!!!!!

Remember my recent Saturday, first-ever visit to the Portland Farmers Market?

A TriMet graphic/web designer came across the photos on my blog, and Monday she e-mailed to ask if they could use some of them on their home page and in a promotional article for local farmers markets as well as how to use TriMet to visit those markets.

Well, I was some kind of excited! The only thing I said besides "OK" was "Do I get a photo credit?"

She used three of my photos! The one on the home page has my name in the lower right corner, and my name shows up when you run the mouse over the photo. The two photos in the article (which you get to by clicking Learn More) have a caption that shows up as you mouse-over them. By the way I could only get the mouse-over move to to work on the PC at work, not on my iBook.

Please click on TriMet to see what I'm talking about!

And here are the three photos, too. Well, actually she cropped all of them, but you get the picture!



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

JaCiva's, where the chocolate E is for Edna

JaCiva's made the cherry and apple pies that I bought at Zupan's for us to take to the guys' for Thanksgiving. I knew how good they were, so I figured the candy ought to be something else. I didn't know that there was a JaCiva's store, so when Marsha mentioned going there after we'd eaten our Por Que No lunch on February 28, I followed in her footsteps.

Mama's name is Edna, so I couldn't resist getting a chocolate E for her! She thoroughly enjoyed it, over a couple of days.

Check out this huge chocolate bunny! The bunnies on the shelf are regular-sized ones.

More Easter goodies.



One of their many counters filled with chocolate and/or baked goods.




JaCiva's is at 4733 SE Hawthorne Blvd. From their Web site: Finest quality pastry and chocolate shop in the city of Portland, Oregon! The freshest, most delicious chocolate you've ever tasted. Every morsel made from JaCiva's special chocolate blend and the finest of Domestic and European chocolate. Taste the excitement of European-style chocolates made right here in Oregon!
Here's a bit more about Jaciva's from their Web site:
Jack and Iva Elmer began JaCiva's Bakery and Chocolatier together on December 6, 1986. They wanted to give Portland the finest quality pastry and chocolate shop in the city! The Name JaCiva's was formed by putting their names together-"Jack and Iva." Before JaCiva's (pronounced Ja-Ki-va's) they owned Heidi's Swiss Pastries in Boring, Oregon from 1972 to 1984.

Our After-Dark hours are Friday and Saturday evenings 5:00 p.m. till 10 p.m. Our handmade, artisan chocolates are the best you'll find in Portland. A Premier Dessert House: Start a new tradition in the delightful ambience of our chocolate tasting cafè on Hawthorne Blvd in southeast Portland.
Jack is a full blood Swiss, but born in the United States. He has a long history of baking... Starting when he was a small child and including his apprenticeship in Portland, Oregon. He also attended several baking schools and worked in many shops, including The Old Bohemian Bakery.

Awards and credentials include:

* Konditor (High End Pastry Chef) - trained in Luzern, Switzerland (Richemont School)
* Certified Executive Pastry Chef (CEPC) - given by the American Culinary Association
* Charter Master Baker (CMB) - given by the Retail Bakers of America
* Certified Master Chocolatier (CMC) - given by Retail Confectioners Internationals

Iva has a long history of unbelievable creativity and ideas! She is responsible for products, birthday and wedding cakes.

Wedding cakes in the window that day.