Thursday, July 10, 2014

National Train Day, May 10, 2014 - two photos of a hug and the resulting joy, plus a bit about my personal joy


The hug. In the space between Union Station and the tracks, the Oregon Zoo's Titus the Tiger handed out hugs to all who approached.


That single hug sent this little girl over the moon. Such joy!

By the way, I'm sure that you've noticed I've been gone. In fact, I've been off my game to one degree or another since May 13. My repetitive refrain, spoken only in my mind: Allergies, get the behind me!

Finally, I say finally, I believe I have won! My energy levels returning to normal, my eyes not itchy and/or watery, my left ear just about completely unstopped, I no longer have to take allergy pills regularly because of whatever is blooming, pollinating, blowing through the air. And I no longer have to worry about busting out in ugly sneezing fits that always, always, always happen when allergies impact my body, and I feel the slightest chill. Ask anyone who has heard a sneezing fit of mine--they'll tell you just how ugly they are.

While in my work cube I endured and sneezed until the fit ended, miserable among a few co-workers, but I recognized that I needed a method to keep me from sneezing among a larger crowd on the homebound bus, once the air conditioning came into use in June. When I waited at the bus stop, I knew as the sun shone on me and my backpack that I'd be sweaty, warm, the perfect prey for chilled air. The only thing that saved me on those after-work commutes was my rather voluminous black rectangular scarf which, before I stepped onto the bus, I tented over my head and shoulders, hiding my arms and hands. I sat down and held my backpack on my lap and carefully kept the scarf in place. As long as I remained covered until I stepped off the bus once I reached the stop near my building, I didn't sneeze. And let me tell you, I felt joy every single time I made it without a sneezing fit. Real joy.