Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ESHT 2014 - Who could resist these blossoms on the bridge? And the views of the village? Camera in hand, I couldn't.


When I turned right away from the Bridge End Hotel, I looked across the bridge and saw this couple walking past the flower boxes. Next I noticed the view, too, but it was the multi-colored lush blossoms that got to me.


I crossed the street and stopped to take this photo. With some perking up with Photoshop or some such program, I think it would make a great jigsaw puzzle. What's your opinion?


These blossoms are divine in their variety, their colors and shapes--someone besides me thinks so, too. It's evident in how well-cared for they are.


Begonias, I love begonias!


A bit past prime, these are still lovely. I don't know the usual weather of Northern Wales, but to find such flowers on October 9 certainly took me by surprise.


Here's another photo that would make a great jigsaw puzzle. My little Mama and I thoroughly enjoyed such puzzles--Lamont and Leland often sat in with us which made for some warm family memories.


Now we know who takes care of the flower boxes. I'll bet its the town council members and/or volunteers.


You can tell there's a breeze blowing--look at the tendrils hanging from those two smaller pots on the pole. Having my raincoat on really helped me because it also helped keep me warm; in fact, if I zipped it completely, I ended up way too hot, so if it wasn't raining, I tied it over my shoulders with the sleeves so that it was sort of poncho-like. Worked pretty good.


There goes my energetic, curious traveling companion, walking along the left edge of the photo. She's the one who discovered this tour and all its details, then shared them with me. Brilliant woman! She could walk me into the ground. I wonder where the steps end up? Alongside the River Dee?


Another close up of more lovely begonias.


There she goes, my great friend, heading towards the coach park.


Gosh, I think all of Llangollen that I got to see and photograph would make great jigsaw puzzles. Here's the train station with some wonderful houses behind it, all alongside the River Dee, and vintage railroad cars.


See what I mean? Even this one would be fun to put together, piece by piece.


VP said...

I composed my own puzzle with your beautiful views and details. Love the colors everywhere... and the pizzeria at the end!

William Kendall said...

The place is really so lovely for a stroll. I can see what you mean about jigsaw puzzles. I like doing them, but my uncle is crazy about them!

Lois said...

Jigsaw puzzles always remind me of my Dad. He loved working them and I always enjoyed helping him. These are all wonderful photos Lynette!

Jim Klenke said...

Beautiful scenery. I wonder if the people who live there know what what they have.

Chrissy Brand said...

I often go there for day trips from Manchester- the 14 mile (?) walk from Horsehoe Falls along the Llangollen Canal to the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and back is amazing.