Wednesday, December 10, 2014

ESHT 2014 - Drum roll, please! Introducing the man I met on the Llangollen Bridge! Ladies & gentlemen, Tony Powell!

A photo and the Facebook Messages to verify my memory still functions.


Me, to Tony: So, when your photo appears soon on the blog, I want to make certain I have this memory correct. You thought I was taking a photo with you in it, said, I'll break your camera, I turned and approached you and said, no, you won't break my camera, is it ok for me to take your photo for my blog in Portland, Oregon? Yes, you said, then said you were Tony Powell, a Highland Welsh boy from Glyn Ceiriog. You approved of the photo and one of us brought up Facebook, so we became FB friends. Do I have most of that correct? Do you have anything else you'd like for me to include in the caption of your photo, Tony? Thanks!

Tony, to me: yes lynette spot on i look at u pics in work it helps make 12hr nites go a lot quicker keep the good work up u blog is brilliant xx

Me, to Tony: Thanks, Tony! I enjoy blogging very much, and taking photos helps keep me sane. Questions. When I saw you in the bridge, what sort of bike ride were you on? How long? A favorite course? Were you in the middle of it? Thx!

Tony, to me: awww blessss u all u pics are great babe very interesting x ....was it my red or black one ??....i do MTD biking mountain rides ....i do around 30 miles 2 to 3 times a week depends on the weather x ...the horse shoe pass is a tester x just off back home i go the canal route back to acrefair around 5 mile from llangollen the red is a specialized the black on is a giant pal x

Me, to Tony: It is red. Want me to email it to you so you can get a look at it ahead of the post. Don't share it, though. We want the impact of a big debut on the blog! Send email address if you like

Tony, to me: My new specialized.....u can if u want but ill be waiting for it in facebook lol x i wou t do nothing lynette with out ur say so x

So, here's Tony, my new friend brought into my life by the lovely village of Llangollen, Wales, and his new red bike!

One more thing, not really a question, more like a wondering, for your and your friends there in your home. It comes from my blog buddy Jim who lives in Terrell, Texas, near Dallas. He put this comment on my post yesterday: Beautiful scenery. I wonder if the people who live there know what what they have. How would you and your friends explain to Jim and all of us how you feel about where you live and ride, Tony? Thanks!


Chrissy Brand said...

What a lovely vignette,

William Kendall said...

A good portrait shot of Tony!

Randy said...

Nice portrait.