Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nature's beauty, No. 7


Tensile tenacity. Definitions from Merriam Webster Online: Tensile, relating to the amount that something (such as a wire) can stretch or be stretched without breaking. I amend. Such as a spiderweb. Such as a dew drop. Tenacity, the quality or state of being tenacious. Tenacious, not easily pulled apart--and--tending to adhere or cling to another substance. We all know that we humans have the capacity to shamelessly destroy all that I have photographed. I celebrate those who instead assertively cultivate the opposite, who celebrate nature's beauty so that all who see may hold fast the nurturing of our souls by said beauty.

Thank you to the gardeners at the Albertina Kerr Center in Northeast Portland.


Barbara Farr said...

You need to gat a macro lens (if you don't already have one) and capture those dew drops up close and personal. Beautiful shot. Roses are my fave.

Jack said...

Beautiful photo, Lynette.

Randy said...

Love this one too.