Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nature's beauty, No. 15


So special, the way this spiderweb drapes along the bottom. The scalloped edge makes me think of Belle's yellow ball gown in Beauty and the Beast. And if you'll look closely at the far left of the spiderweb, tell me if you see what I see, please.

A double web? I guess that is what you'd call it. I looked at the image at its largest size and see two distinct upward bound threads. And there's just a bit of a second spider web there, joined to the other one by a couple of threads going across, practically parallel with the ground. I wish I'd noticed this when I took the photo on Sunday, October 20, but by the time I got to taking these, I was so cold--I'd been out there for almost two hours, enjoying the foggy morning. Thankful for the fog, to tell you the truth, because I figure that it contributed greatly to the fog.


Barbara Farr said...

That is so pretty and delicate.

Bob Crowe said...

That's a beautiful, beautiful photo, the work of a master engineer.

Randy said...

Such wonderful artists.

Jim Klenke said...

You captured the softness of the web so well. I love the little droplets of water.