Friday, July 5, 2013

Waterfront Blues Festival, July 4,2013, downtown Portland at Tom McCall Waterfront Park


I've only had time to upload 45 pictures--a very late night after a long day of music, music, music, people-watching, fireworks, and the best fried chicken I've tasted since October, 2009, at The Dinner Bell in McComb, Mississippi! Here you see Lisa Mann and Her Really Good Band. I've seen them at the Blue Diamond, too. Fabulous, all-around fabulous. A bunch of talent packed into that woman. Now, I've got to get this posted and head out for today's music! Bye! Oh, I'll be at the Blue Diamond Saturday night for "Ladies Sing the Blues - Women of the Blues Festival." Can't wait--I'll have to leave the waterfront early--who cares! I might leave early tonight to the Blue Diamond's "Guitar Slingers of the Blues Festival." After an hour-long wait for a cab last night, being able to walk home after the music, all of 600 feet, sounds mighty fine!

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Randy said...

Sounds like a great festival. Nice shot too. Enjoy your weekend.