Saturday, November 17, 2012

VW van, seen on a parking lot, No. 4


I thought this chartreuse-colored van would look pretty cool after yesterday's orange one, especially since I actually took the photo the very next day, back on July 24, 2008! Serendipity!

This VW van is parked in a parking lot near work--I took the photo while out and about on my lunch hour--sometimes I didn't go across the river to the park bench, I just ate at my desk and went out for a walk.

The building in the background with the blue trim around the windows is Bright Auto Upholstery. The red brick building is a parking garage. I've never noticed that tower being that much taller than the garage itself--it's a stairwell. Makes me wonder if at one point there were plans to add another story to the garage. Bet there's no money for that now.


Randy said...

I love the assortment. I would be fun to get an old one and fix it up. Nice shot.

Anonymous said...

I thought you would track this van down. And I see you have.