Saturday, November 3, 2012

Never expected to see this among the autumn leaves.


On Halloween after I had parked my Zipcar where it lives over on SE Ankeny at SE 20th, I did a walk around, checking it out before walking home. As I stepped up onto the curve, look what caught my eye. Someone's lost Zipcard had been found and carefully placed so as to be seen.

Gosh, I hope that person who lost it comes back to get it. One cannot open your reserved Zipcar without one's Zipcard. You must place the card on the card reader at the top left of the windshield to unlock the door and start your reservation's clock ticking. When I'm out and about in a Zipcar, I continually reaffirm the location of my card.

And guess what extra benefit I got with my card on Wednesday? I drove to the downtown Zipcar office, parked in front of the Multnomah County Central Library next door, walked into the office and showed my card to get $10 driving credit. All because I had a Halloween headband on my head, complete with a couple of bats on springs. Way cool, Zipcar. Thanks!

Finally, I have to say that I love this space because beside the two parking spaces where two Zipcars live, you find at least one bike rack--notice the back tire on the right side of the photo. And one block north on East Burnside, you find on diagonal corners bus stops for the 20. Alternative modes of transportation abound!


Ken Mac said...

Lynette, Thanks for your well wishes back at my site. Ken

Jack said...

Portland is to be applauded for having such progressive transportation resources.

Anonymous said...

If not for having many children that seem to go in many directions, I would have a Zipcard. I think Zipcar is brilliant!

Randy said...

I think every city should have them.


Having been a Zipcard member since it's super early days, I love this post! (Yes, I'm biased:)