Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mid-September Roses at the Rose Garden in Washington Park

I've been remiss, out of it, gone, down in the dumps missin' my little Mama, even sort of feelin' sorry for myself, escaped into an addiction to British spy/WWII television programs through Netflix, lazy, and good for not much of anything off and on for months now. I've been up for air at times, thanks to my two swell sons Lamont and Leland and to my work and those special folks at the workplace. And to Portland itself.

It's past high time for me to straighten out and partake of life every single second available to me.

Tiny steps still get it done.

Yesterday I went to a lecture at the Architectural Heritage Center and to two museums I'd never visited through the Smithsonian Museum Day. I rode the brand new Portland Street Car Central Loop between them.

Today I'm going downtown to Pioneer Courthouse Square for White Bird's West Coast premiere of Le Grand Continental by Montréal-based choreographer Sylvian Émard at Pioneer Courthouse Square on September 30, 2012! This exciting performance brings together 150+ participants of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds - dancers and non-dancers alike - to perform a contemporary re-imaging of a traditional festive line dance! Age range 9 to 75.
Read The Oregonian piece about it here.

Here's the first blog since Tuesday before last.

roses_sept2012_PicMonkey Collage

I took these photos the evening of September 16 when our dear friends Nora and Upa Parikh (plus Nora's sweet sister Aida) were in Portland for a family wedding. I got a Zipcar, picked them up at their hotel, met Lamont and Leland for a fine dinner at 3 Doors Down Cafe, then took the three of them riding around Portland. Lucky us, we made it to Washington Park and the Rose Garden before the sun went down. We made good memories, taking in the beautiful blossoms, some of which smelled so good, some of which had no scent whatsoever. How does that happen?

  IMG_0827 Aida, Nora, Upa, taken with my iPhone at 3 Doors Down Cafe.


Julie(t) said...

As perfect as one rose can be surrounded by the loveliness of others.

Lois said...

I always tell myself to "snap out of it" when I get like that, but it doesn't always work.

Lynette said...

Thank you, Julie(t). I agree.

Lynette said...

I agree, Lois. One must keep telling oneself.

Jack said...

The roses are lovely, especially this late in the season.

"Choose your attitude."

Lynette said...

Thanks, Jack!


Those are beautiful roses, ours have virtually disappeared.

Baby steps are the best, I couldn't agree more.

Randy said...

The roses are stunning. Wonderful post.