Friday, August 12, 2011

Cars in the Park, All Fords, The Best Red Car, July 30, 2011

For me it's this 1967 Ford Falcon Sports Coupe, the best red that I have seen on any of these Saturdays, not a tomato red, not a blue red, it's a real red. The owner told me that their daughter believes the car makes a fire engine look brown! We talked a bit as he and his wife sat in the shade in their folding chairs, with a painting of their Falcon which their daughter had done, leaned up at the wife's right.



Can you even begin to believe that this paint job is 16 years old? My mouth fell wide open when the owner told me that. He went on to explain that the man who painted it carefully did many layers. I told him that the paint lived for me, literally lived.

All about the "67 Ford Falcon Sports Coupe.

The interior, front seat, and the dash. I wish I had asked about the gear shift--it says Hurst on the side of it!

The perfect steering wheel.

If I remember right, the owner told me the upholstery is original. Fantastic!

Under the hood.


Randy said...

Now that would be a fun ride for the weekend!

Birdman said...

Growing up, we had two falcons bought new... both crap. This one though would have at least been eye appealing.

Lois said...

Now that is RED! I love it.

Jack said...

I think I would be able to find this in the parking lot if it were mine. Have a grand weekend!