Monday, May 24, 2010

Vacation, Day 10, 10/30/2009, Part 4

I've been so-o-o-o tired after work all week that I have not been up to posting on my blogs or reading anyone's blog. But after getting to sleep in, sort of, on Saturday and Sunday, plus catching up with the laundry on Saturday and mopping and running the vacuum on Sunday, I believe that I have some energy left to blog! Hooray!

You know how excited I was when I saw this yellow vehicle, don't you? All I could think about was, "I hope I get to see it when it starts along one of those roads in the infield!" Naturally, I wondered what it was all about.

Two rows of Rams, Dodge that is. These surely are driver-introduction vehicles. Don't you just love that curved cyclone fence? Or do you call it a chain-link fence? Our family home in Jackson had a fenced backyard--there was a tiny metal sign attached to it it a few places that read "Cyclone."

You reckon this huge-screen TV folds back down into that trailer? See the white-headed man on the left of the photo, wearing a pink shirt? He's not all that far away from the TV, and look how huge it is compared to him!

For this particular day at the track, we could sit wherever we wanted, no assigned seats as such. So we were on the first row of the first upper level. All of a sudden these men were in front of me, so naturally I started taking photos. I mean, they're blocking my view, so they're fair game. Right? I love that guy on the right, pointing.

The writing on that one guy's shirt gives away what they're up to--CameraTrux. Must be making a video or a documentary. Certainly, they're heavily involved, focused on their conversation.

See the man on the right? The one who was pointing in the first photo. That pass hanging around his neck has HOT on it. That's not a statement about him. HOT means that as long as he has that pass around his neck, he can go any where in the garage and the pits, any time, even when the cars are coming out of the garage and headed for practice or qualifying or racing. What a luck son-of-gun! My guess is that every single one of them has a HOT pass, so that's a passle of lucky son-of-a-guns!

Yep, there you can see more HOT passes. And the man with the notebook, that's a guy after my own heart. He's got his eyeglasses on, and his sunshades up in his hair. I'll bet he wears his sunshades right over his eyeglasses, just like I do! And I would buy that binder in a New York minute--love those circles. They left soon after I took this photo, never to be seen again by me.

Vacation shall continue, real soon.


Don and Krise said...

Hang in there Lynette. Get some rest, then get back on here! ;-)

Jim Klenke said...

I want to go, and Ill drive the yellow car with a big smile.

Clytie said...

Ahh, how fun! Love the chicken car - I'd drive it!!! And the HOT passes. How you let them get away without mugging them and stealing one of those - even if just for your scrapbook - is beyond me!!! :=}