Thursday, May 27, 2010

Neighborhood Poppy Buds from Monday, May 10





Clytie said...

Beautiful macro photos! I guess I've never looked closely at poppy buds - I had no idea they were so hairy!

Anonymous said...

It is pretty amazing that sticker look is all bluff as they are soft almost as cotton on mine. I like them for all their glory. And they are really intense flowers with lots of stunning colors.

Anna said...


My mother always had poppies in our garden as I was growing up. They weren't hairy like these. I don't know where she got the seeds from originally, but we always saved some for the next year. When I was looking to plant my own garden, I could never find seeds. Years later, I found out why. Turns out that eating poppies are also opium poppies, and are illegal to grow, or to sell the seeds.