Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vacation, Day 5, 10/25/2009, Part 1

Now that's what I call an eye-catchin' billboard! It's for Ro'Chez Restaurant, located in Ridgeland, a small city north of Jackson, Mississippi. I didn't get to go there, but I love this vintage car--a '50's Ford, I think. My brother H says they've not been there to eat yet, but some friends of theirs have and said it was good.
I saw it on my way to lunch at Pan Asia, another Ridgeland. I met three of my librarian buddies--Nancey, Sherry and Cheryl--and enjoyed good food and fine company. We four, along with our other librarian buddy Anne, successfully endured the National Board Certification process for school librarians several years ago. I know without a doubt that I couldn't have done it without their help and support; the process reminded me of being in labor for six months! We ended up what the National Board people call Accomplished Library Media Specialists--I shortened it to ALMS, as a sort of pun because we also ended up getting a substantial yearly stipend from the state of Mississippi--get it, alms for the poor, we teachers in Mississippi being among the lowest paid in the country.

After spending several super hours with the ALMS gals, I drove around Jackson a bit, looking here and there to see what had changed, what had stayed the same. I stopped now and then to take photos to share with you.

I found this about the neighborhood I photographed first. Fondren District is a culture center in Jackson and is one of Jackson's most sought after districts, featuring an array of antiques stores, galleries, and lots of entertainment options in the numerous pubs and restaurants.

First, in Fondren, I took a few photos of the refurbished Duling School, part of Fondren Place, which includes various businesses including The Auditorium, a restaurant that my brother and his wife have enjoyed a time or two. Here's some info I found about Duling School: The Lorena Duling School in Jackson was built in 1927 and served as the neighborhood elementary school for the developing community of Fondren. The school was designed by architect Claude H. Lindsley in the popular Tudor Revival style. Lindsley would go on to design Jackson's Central High School and Standard Life Building. The Duling School was used for educational purposes until 2005, at which time it was vacated.

This new building takes up what used to be a vacant lot just west of the school building. You can tell that I took this shot through the windshield--see the blue band along the top of the photo?

The same building, the back corner from the parking lot behind the building. Found this on the Internet, "The building will house BankPlus and have other office spaces, some retailers, and a restaurant. There are also loft apartments and rooftop decks." I imagine some of those are in this particular part of the development. In fact, I see a sign about the ATM near the dark brick section.


Chuck Pefley said...

Yeah, that Ford looks like a 52 or 53 I think. Lovely old car!

Louis la Vache said...

Sorry, Chuck! It's a 1956!