Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vacation, Day 1, 10/21/2009, Part 3

A bit about our hotel, found on the Internet. Well, the bit I found on the Internet. The hotel we found at 625 Saint Ann St., New Orleans:

The Place D'Armes Hotel is an intimate, historic hotel property perfectly located at Jackson Square in the heart of New Orleans' fabled French Quarter. The hotel is one of three distinctive and unique AAA triple diamond rated French Quarter hotels owned and operated by the Valentino family of New Orleans. The Place's 84 guest rooms are set in eight historic renovated and restored townhouses which surround a lushly planted courtyard.

The two sections of the courtyard and the swimming pool, as seen from the third floor gallery right outside our door. Notice how tall those magnolias are?

The Place D'Armes is literally steps away from the St. Louis Cathedral and the rich street theater of Jackson Square and within easy walking distance of all major downtown New Orleans attractions - Bourbon Street, Royal Street, the French Market, and Canal Street.

The Place D'Armes recently underwent a major renovation and without losing its historic charm is discreetly equipped with the latest amenities and services including high speed internet access in all guest rooms and wireless access in all public spaces.

Guests of the Place d'Armes Hotel experience Southern grace and charm in well appointed rooms and suites decorated with a French Quarter sensibility.

Mama in our room, with her walker.

Another shot of Mama that shows one of the beds.

Guest rooms at the Place D'Armes feature elegant antique reproduction furnishings and rich appointments that create a warm and authentic New Orleans atmosphere. Amenities at the hotel are comprehensive and include high speed internet access and wireless in each room as well as outstanding 24-hour concierge service.

Kay in our room.

The Place D'Armes is a AAA triple-diamond rated property featuring 84 guest rooms in eight historic restored French Quarter townhouses.

In the lobby.

Our room is on the third floor, right. You can see our window peaking out through the leaves of those magnolia trees.

Another one of the townhouses that make up the hotel.

The first floor of our building is in the background behind this ornate fountain in this section of the courtyard.

We left our hotel to walk to the Acme Oyster House for our supper. Mama's walker is just out of sight in the photo. Thank goodness we had it with us because she'd never had made it there or back. Mislead by a tourist map, we underestimated the number of blocks between the hotel and the restaurant. More on that tomorrow!

By the way, Kay's truck is parked just to the right behind us, where the Park sign is. When we drove up and were being helped with the luggage, one of the men looked out of the garage opening and said, "Wasn't that Brad's wife, walking by? I sure think it was." So I immediately pop out onto the sidewalk and see a slim, well-dressed brunette walking away from me, wearing these out-of-sight-unusual high heels. Seems like two other women were with her, too. Not wanting to holler out, "Angelina!" I turned to ask the man, "Do you mean Brad Pitt's wife?" "Yep," he replied, going on to tell us that they own a house "...right over there." Only my utter fatigue at having by then been awake for so many hours and traveling so many miles kept me from trotting right out of the garage and down the street, just to make sure. I didn't even take a photo. I'm telling you, I was tired, T-I-R-E-D.

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Jim K said...

Angelina would have been nice, but Mama and Kay are nice also. I love the look of the hotel.