Sunday, November 2, 2008

Autumn Interlude--Sky, Sidewalk, and Vehicle

A tree across the street from Lincoln High School, Saturday afternoon
A tree on NW Flanders at NW 23rd Avenue, Saturday afternoon
The tree to the left of our building's front door, before sunrise.
Nearby sidewalk, #1
Nearby street level matching accessory, #1
Shrub on nearby sidewalk, #2
Nearby street level matching accessory, #2, on NW 23rd at Glisan
Nearby sidewalk, #3
Nearby street level matching accessory, #3, on NW Glisan near NW 23rd Avenue
Nearby sidewalk, #4
Nearby street level matching accessory, #4, the corner of NW Davis and NW 22nd
NW Davis, a view I enjoy every afternoon after I get off the bus, taken Oct. 29 before it started to rain which knocked lots and lots of leaves from the trees
NW Everett, a view I enjoy every morning when I walk to the bus stop--although I took this photo in the afternoon on Oct. 29--it's too dark now to get a good shot in the AM
Part of the price for our autumn beauty--cars blanketed with leaves
The same car, different view
One last view of the autumn bounty.

All of these shots are within a four-square-blocks space, except for the one by Lincoln High School. They provide emphatic evidence of the necessity for Northwest Portland Clean Sweep--for us, the next one is Dec. 5--nearby streets either the week before or the week after. I found this on Portland Online:

PDOT and Neighbors West-Northwest have successfully collaborated for the past 15 years to clean the streets in NW Portland. Residents and businesses are notified in advance to remove their vehicles from the scheduled sweep area by 7:30 a.m. because City sweepers cannot make their way down NW Portland's narrow streets with cars parked.

Can you imagine how many leaves we'd have here if they didn't clean off the streets three times a year?


Warren said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing your fall foliage -- I can almost smell the wet leaves!

WendyB said...

The wet leaf pictures are especially good.

enc said...

Perfect natural beauty.

ft. lauderdale daily photo said...

Beautiful fall series! I love the top photo and the one of the wet leaves.

Chuck Pefley said...

Either those leaves came down after a storm, or those vehicles haven't moved in quite a few days :)

Lovely fall offering!

Jim said...

All of the shots look great. I love the colors and the rain drops.

brian said...

i love the colors you've captured here! fall is my favorite time of the year when the leaves start to change =)

ambika said...

It's been *super* windy in Seattle so all of the tenuously-hanging-on leaves have just plastered the sidewalks. It really is astonishing just how many there are.

Lovely photos!

AVCR8TEUR said...

That is a lot of leaves. The street sweepers have their work cut out for them. Not sure how they would clean the leaves off of the sidewalks though. I imagine it's up to the shop owners or residents.

Neva said...

The leaves are still hanging on here.....but some of the driveway looks like this with lots of leaves down!!! Love the colors! It is unbelievably warm right now! My one son is home from Beijing for a family wedding....and my daughter is back from Costa Rica and that means a busy weekend for all of us! (My middle son lives near me so all the little dumplings in a row are is very nice!)