Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A bit more from October 8, 2014. We ended up in Bristol where we spent the night in another Ibis Hotel.


The first one of these wind turbines that I photographed on the trip--I'm not at all sure where it is located--somewhere between London and Bristol. I find wind turbines fascinating, so I took photos of lots more of them through the bus windows. I read this online: The UK is one of the best locations for wind power in the world, and is considered to be the best in Europe. The United Kingdom is ranked as the world's sixth largest producer of wind power, having overtaken France and Italy in 2012.


Pretty nice room at the Ibis Bristol Temple Meads Quay--too cold to go outside and take a look at anything, period. So glad to have a comfortable bed--the one at the Ibis Earls Court in London was too firm for me, hard even.


The view towards the door--the bathroom is inside that curved wall.


More curves inside the bathroom.


Double glass doors on the shower--I liked this a whole lot, just walk right in and shut the doors behind you.


The window curtains slid shut on tracks at the top of the window. That's my souvenir bag from the Bath Abbey Shop on the desk--I bought a set of pottery candlesnuffers because they appealed to me since I had enjoyed my visit to the Abbey. I read this online about the creators of the candlesnuffers: Welcome to Merryfield Pottery. All of our products are hand painted and produced by us in our Torquay studio from our own original models.

Candle snuffers

These two had their boxes labeled, Cat Candlesnuffer. I believe the one of the left is a vicar because he's wearing a collar. I found the one on the right at the Merryfield Pottery Web site--she's a bride!

Candle snuffers

These two are labeled Cats Choir and Mouse. I like the choir book the cat's holding. Did that mouse on his robe come out of the choir book? I also like the candelstick the mouse is holding. Do you suppose his cape is patched to go along with that saying, as poor as a church mouse?


Dinner at the Ibis started with this salad. I couldn't eat the cheese--no cow's cheese for me--but the rest of it tasted fresh and flavorful!


Entree and sides all tasted very good--grilled chicken breasts (boneless and skinless), carrots, green beans and rice. Very happy to have an included dinner in the hotel since it was cold outside in Bristol! We'd had a long, eventful, wonderful day, our first in the actual tour. Thanks to Anna and Tommy!

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