Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Seen on the street, No. 1, two unique looking guys. Do you think the one of the left could be a Wesen from Grimm?

I'm back! Thanks to those of you who commented, wondering if all was well. I've had an unexpected few months, from May through most of August, bothered by seasonal allergies, then food poisoning, then a kidney infection, then a painful knee. I am back, better than ever, ready to take photos and blog about them. Thanks, y'all. I hope you enjoy what I find to share with you!


By July 3, my allergy problems slipped on out of my life! Not a moment too soon, I had a vacation day and my four-day Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival receipt in my purse so that I could pick up my festival pass at the gate, my bus pass hanging around my neck, and my camera on my shoulder, extra memory cards and another battery in my backpack. After I ate brunch at the Bijou Cafe, I walked back to SW 5th to catch a bus that would take me closer to the festival entrance.

These two guys caught my eye. That's my first red-and-gray-headed guy with a crushed Mohawk, my first fluffy tail hanging off a backpack--at least, I think it's hanging off his backpack and not attached to his shorts--I mean, at some point he rides that bicycle, right? My first guy in a sarong wrapped around his shorts and another piece of colorful fabric wrapped around his head, my first guy carrying a big ol' bucket of Westco Bavarian Cream Filling.

I love Portland!


Stefan Jansson said...

That is a bit special.

Jim Klenke said...

Yeah, they are up to something.

Melissa said...

Yay, welcome back! And great Portland capture here!!!

William Kendall said...

That's assuming the tail doesn't specifically link up to his body. We could be dealing with a mutant hybrid.

Nice to see you back!